10/16/20 4-H Livestock Email Blast


  • Major Show (State) Validation Reminders
  • Rabbit Exhibitor Reminders
  • Virtual Livestock 101/201 Series
  • Local Livestock Show Updates
  • Major Livestock Show Updates
  • Calf Scramble Information
  • Other Opportunities

Good afternoon and Happy Friday, Y’all!

I hope everyone is doing well and getting a little settled into the school routine; thank you so much for your continued patience as everyone figures out how to best support our youth this year!  I wanted to send out a few reminders for upcoming events as we head into the weekend.  Please remember that all of our livestock and validation information is available on our website at https://bastrop.agrilife.org/livestock/.  Additionally, you can see all of the upcoming workshops and opportunities on our calendar at https://bastrop.agrilife.org/calendar/ or at https://www.judgingcard.com/Registration/Default.aspx.  With that, we’ll jump straight in:

Major Show (State) Validation Reminders:

  • Lamb/Goat/Heifer Validation
    • A reminder email will go out this afternoon to everyone who purchased tags – if you have NOT received the first email, please let me know as soon as possible
    • Validation will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, starting at 5:00 PM – an RSVP is REQUIRED this year to help with social distancing
    • If you have a breeding animal, please remember to email Mellanie a COLOR copy of the registration papers ahead of time to save time at validation
  • Swine Validation
    • We are placing the LAST order for swine validation tags this afternoon
    • Swine validation will take place on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, starting at 5:00 PM – an RSVP is REQUIRED this year to help with social distancing
    • We are going to be sending out more information and the link to select a time early next week

Rabbit Exhibitor Reminders:

Virtual Livestock 101/201 Series:

  • We just finished our 101 series for each of the major livestock species, we are going to work on posting them to our YouTube channel and website so everyone will have access to them
  • To Register for one or more of the Livestock 201 programs in this virtual camp series, please complete the following steps:
    • RSVP for session(s) you would like to attend; Please make sure that you receive an email confirming your submission(s): https://rb.gy/tkft7y
    • Download, complete, and submit the Virtual Camp Waiver form to the Bastrop County 4-H Agent at MLMickelson@ag.tamu.edu: https://rb.gy/mn34h6
  • Livestock 201 Sessions cover evaluating your project, adjusting project nutrition, and an advanced health topic and are scheduled for:
    • Thursday, October 22, at 6:00 PM: Lambs/Goats, Wayne Morse
    • Thursday, October 29, at 6:00 PM: Beef, Dusty Boullion
    • Thursday, November 5, at 6:00 PM: Poultry, Dr. Coufal
    • Thursday, November 12, at 6:00 PM: Swine, Jeff Shows
    • Thursday, November 17, at 6:00 PM: Rabbits, Jason Platt

Local Livestock Show Updates:

  • Bastrop Area Livestock Show
    • Reminder: Rules are posted and available online at https://bastrop.agrilife.org/bals/
    • The next upcoming event is Saturday, December 5, 2020, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM:
      • Validation & Entry Day:  Swine, Goat, & Market Lambs
      • Entry Day Only: Rabbits
      • Contest Entry: Plant Show (extended from September!!)
  • Elgin Livestock Show
    • The show board is working on getting control of their old website; please see the updates posted in the Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/635101307136083
    • The Elgin Livestock Show Association is doing a To-Go Pork Steak Plate Fundraiser on Sunday, November 20, 2020, from approximately 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (or until sold out)
      • Plates are $9.00 each and can be picked up at the Elgin Volunteer Fire Department
      • If you’d like to purchase tickets, please reach out to the Elgin Livestock Show Association or the Elgin 4-H Club members
    • Reminder: All Elgin Livestock Show and Youth Fair entries will be due to the Show Board by November 1, 2020
  • Smithville Livestock Show
    • The show is scheduled to take place on April 17, 2021
    • The updated rules and important dates have been released and published to our website:
    • The next upcoming event is Saturday, November 14, 2020, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM:
      • Validation & Entry Night: Steers, Heifers, Market Goats, Broilers, Lambs
      • Entry Night Only: Rabbits

Major Livestock Show Updates:

  • Please remember that the deadline posted on each show website is the deadline for the County Extension Agents and Ag Teachers to collect, process, do the online entry, and catch any errors or missing information on your show entries; we ask that you follow the deadlines listed in our email blasts for each show below.
  • Fort Worth Livestock Show
    • Recently announced that the 2021 Show is canceled.
    • They are working on a couple of other opportunities for youth – we’ll let you know as soon as information is confirmed
  • San Angelo Stock Show Entry Forms (click on links below): DUE to CEO by 12:00 Noon on Thursday, November 5, 2020
  • Texas Elite Swine Showcase (click on links below) : DUE to CEO by 12:00 Noon on Thursday, November 5, 2020
  • Expected Soon:
  • Reminders for Open Show Entries and Eligibility/Excused Absences:
    • We’re happy to help you get entered in the open show opportunities you want to participate in, but please remember that we are only allowed to request eligibility and excused absences for youth show entries that require the exhibitor to be a 4-H/FFA member. 
    • When we request excused absences for youth to participate in the shows, the schools do NOT have to grant them.  Please make sure that you are in communication with your teachers and principals to keep them in the loop on your 4-H activities to they understand the learning experiences associated with them and are more likely to grant the request. 

Calf Scramble Information:

  • What is a calf scramble? A calf scramble is a competition where a group of youth and smaller calves are turned out into an arena.  The goal is for the 4-H/FFA member to catch a calf – if they do, they are awarded a certificate with a monetary value to purchase a show animal for the next show season.  Not everyone will catch a calf.
  • Rules and requirements:  Rules and requirements for calf scrambles vary from show to show.  On average, you need to be at least 12 years old to participate.  The other key detail is that if you get a calf scramble certificate, you must purchase an animal that you will show at their show the following year.  To enter the competition, you must turn in any application materials to your County Extension Agent or Ag Teacher.
  • Currently Available:
  • Expected Soon:
    • Fort Worth Calf Scramble (October 15th-ish was the original date, we are waiting on updates)
    • San Antonio Calf Scramble (November 1st-ish)
    • Houston Calf Scramble (November 1st-ish)
    • Rodeo Austin Calf Scramble (November 1st-ish)

Other Opportunities:

  • Other Livestock related opportunities can be found on the County Calendar – registration information should be included for each post.
  • Other Contest related opportunities can be found on the Judging Card Calendar – to sign up for these opportunities, please contact Mellanie at MLMickelson@ag.tamu.edu or at 512-581-7186

That is all for now!  Please let us know if you need anything and have a safe and happy weekend!


Mellanie L. Mickelson

Bastrop County Extension Agent – 4-H & Youth Development
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services

P.O. Box 650 | 901 Pecan Street | Bastrop, TX 78602
p: (512) 581-7186 | c: (512) 522-9174 | f: (512) 581-7187

Website – https://bastrop.agrilife.org
Blog – www.bastrop4h.blogspot.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/BastropCounty4H



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