02/24/21 4-H Email Blast 2: Bastrop Area Livestock Show Reminders for next week

This email is geared towards exhibitors entered in the Bastrop Area Livestock Show.

Hey all!

We wanted to pass on a few reminders for the upcoming Bastrop Area Livestock Show this week!  Please read through the reminders and updates and let us know if  you have any questions.  I’ll be at the show if y’all need anything next week, but will be in Houston for the auction on Saturday.

I also want to share that there has been a report of a group of pigs that were present at both the San Angelo Stock Show and San Antonio Stock Show that tested positive for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv).  Older pigs (show age) tend to have a variety of symptoms that include: vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, depression and loss of appetite. These symptoms will vary in severity for each individual animal. This virus is shed in the feces and vomitus of pigs and can be spread on trailers, people, clothing, shoes, in feed, etc.  Please make sure that you are keeping an eye on your pigs and try to stay spaced out at the show.

  • Bedding/Stalling Reminders:

    • There will be no bedding allowed in the barns, and stalls must be cleaned upon departure. (Carpet will be allowed as a bedding)
    • Animals must be penned or stalled after weigh in (pens/stalls will be assigned allowing proper spacing/distancing).
    • Rabbits and broilers will show out of their carriers.
  • Sale Reminders:

    • Families and buyers may attend the livestock show and sale.
    • Exhibitors will not bring their animal for the auction sale on March 6.  They may bring their ribbon, a picture of their animal or a prop to hold if they would like.
    • If you are exhibiting more than 1 animal, you will need to notify the board of which animal you would like to sell.
    • You will need to visit with buyers ahead of time – if you have not reached out to them, please do so as soon as possible.  Please also see the attached Buyers Forms and information below from Phyllis:

Attached is Buyer Forms for your Buyers to have filled out for action.  I know some of you do not know who will be your buyer but the office will have limited access due to Covid.

Please make sure that all buyers file out the buyer’s form for the action and try to have money in checks, cashier check, or money orders vs. any cash. 

These forms need to be filed out with addresses this is a must.….. and if possible phone numbers please.  It is a two part form one form BALSFA and the other is for the Primary Buyer which can make a copy or photo of it on their phone.  

The day of Action I would like all buyers to put their money and buyer form in an envelope to turn in, if not they can drop off at my house 406 Magnolia or at Reinemund Real Estate 702 Chestnut or mail to P.O. Box 283.

If you have any questions please let me know. (512-332-6001)

There are two files one is a tif the other jpg same attachment just in case  you can’t open one in your system.      


Phyllis Mathison,

BALSFA Treasurer 

ATTACHMENTS:  Buyers’ Form JPG (TIF file not supported on this website – please see email for TIF file)

  • Photographer Changes:

    • There will NOT be a photographer this year – you will be responsible for your own photos
  • Thank You Note Reminders:

    • Each exhibitor will need to write a thank you note to each individual buyer listed on their list.  Thank you notes need to be at our office by 12:00 Noon Thursday, April 15th, so we can verify them per the BALS rules.  Any notes turned in after this will result in the exhibitor being fined $50.00.
    • Many of you are familiar with the process of thank you notes and checks regarding the BALS Auction, but for those who may not be or who need a reminder, below are the requirements to keep in mind.
      • Thank you notes consist of the note, envelope, address, and appropriate postage
      • Thank you notes should be sealed in the envelope
      • Envelopes need to be sealed and stamped with the appropriate postage
      • The exhibitor’s return address and buyer’s address need to be written correctly and legibly on the envelope
    • Completed thank you notes need to be brought by members to the County Office (901 Pecan Street; Bastrop, Texas) by 12:00 Noon Thursday, April 15. 2021,
    • Please double check individual names as youth write them – For example, we have seen a lot of notes addressed to “last name, first name” such as “Mickelson, Mellanie” instead of “Mellanie Mickelson”.  Please help your kiddos as they are writing J
    • If you need help with writing thank you notes, please click here to download our Thank You Note Guide.
  • Other Reminders:

    • Families and buyers may attend the livestock show and sale.
    • Visitors, board members and exhibitors will be asked to complete a Covid Screening Form and temperature check each day when entering the show grounds.
    • The Show Board will require facial coverings to be worn at all times and we will ask that all attendees use non pharmaceutical interventions (social distancing, proper hygiene, etc.) that keep you and others safe during the livestock show.
    • Facial coverings will be required to be worn at all times (exemptions are youth under 10 years old and persons with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent the wearing of face covering) and hand sanitizer will be available at the show.
    • There will be no concession stand during the livestock show or sale.
  • Schedule Changes:

    • The Antique Tractor Show has been cancelled for 2021.
    • The Baking and Food Preparation Show has been cancelled for 2021.
    • There will be no set up day.
    • The current schedule is included below:

Thank you!  Please let me know if you have any questions!


Mellanie L. Mickelson

Bastrop County Extension Agent – 4-H & Youth Development
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services

P.O. Box 650 | 901 Pecan Street | Bastrop, TX 78602
p: (512) 581-7186 | c: (512) 522-9174 | f: (512) 581-7187

Website – https://bastrop.agrilife.org
Blog – www.bastrop4h.blogspot.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/BastropCounty4H



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