4-H Adult Volunteer Page

Bastrop County 4-H Adult Volunteer Page

This page is dedicated to our Adult 4-H Volunteers (Project Leaders, Club Managers, etc.) without whom we could not function!

Afterschool Clubs Project Leaders Club Managers

Afterschool Club Resources
Standing Rules, Position Descriptions, & Expectations
Training Opportunities

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Project Leader Resources
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Club Managers' Corner
Standing Rules, Position Descriptions, & Expectations
COVID-19 Meeting Protocols - Mandatory Guidelines
  • Currently, there are no mandatory guidelines for in-person meetings
  • The current recommendations are:
    • To highly encourage and recommend that attendees wear masks
    • To have attendees social distance as much as possible and sit by family unit
    • To provide access to hand sanitizer
Fundraiser Management Resources
Club Manager Meeting Information

Club Manager Report
  • Club Manager Report forms are due by the end of each month a 4-H Club Meeting and/or Club Officer Meeting is held

Online Report Form  Fillable PDF Report Form

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